‘Dada Awu’ pallbearers donate $250K to Ukrainian charity after $1m sale of NFT meme

The popular Ghanaian pallbearers nicknamed ‘Dada Awu’ have made over a million dollars from going viral.

On April 7, the video meme was minted by the Dancing Pallbearers team and auctioned on NFT. Accordingly, they have sold their 10-second meme in one of the historic Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auctions.

3F Music, home to a number of recording studios worldwide based in the Middle East, bought the Coffin Dance meme for $1,046,079.54 (327.00ETH) as the highest bidder on Saturday, April 9.

Dada Awu pallbearers meme sells for over $1m as an NFT token auction

Out of generosity, the pallbearers have announced that they will be donating 25% of the sale of their meme to the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation to support Ukraine amidst its war against Russia ever since Putin’s invasion.

In a video seen by pulse.com.gh, Benjamin Aidoo, the leader of the pallbearer’s group said ” we will like to announce that we would transfer twenty-five per cent of the funds from the sale of our memes at the NFT auction to the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation“.

In the video below, he added, “come back alive to support Ukraine and its great people“.

In 2020, the Ghanaian pallbearers went viral globally after their videos surfaced online.

The group showed off their casket-carrying skills that see them orchestrating a choreographed routine, lifting and lowering caskets, and even sitting on the floor if need be.

Their videos became a hit that sparked a glob