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Complete Biography Of Bishop Kwabena Boakhye Asiamah A.K.A Ajagurajah

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Ajagurajah Biography

Bishop Abed kwabena Boakye Asiamah aka Ajagurajah, is a leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach popularly known as Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana.

Ajagurajah sounds strange it is actually a name of an angel. ‘Ajagura’ means warrior and ‘jah’ means God therefore Ajagurajah means warrior of God.

Therefore he, Bishop Asiamah, sees himself a true prophet of God sent to carry out his assignment on earth.

Therefore he Bishop Asiamah hangs a copper snake around his neck so that anyone who has any sickness be it headache, stomachache etc would get healed immediately they gaze on the copper snake on his neck.

According to him many people have testified to the healing potency of the copper snake. For those who might not be familiar with the Ajagurajah Movement, it is a spiritual church locally called ‘sunsum sore’.

Who Is Ajagurajah
Ajahgurajah In The Bible

Spiritual churches used to be very popular about 40 – 50 years ago before the advent of charismatic churches in Ghana.

These churches mainly deal with angels and spirit beings. There’s a lot of music, dance and chanting of incantations and use of different candles, incense and oils as well.

Their services are also characterised by the usage of bells to summon spirits. They identify as Christians.


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