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Caught Red-handed: Efia Odo leaked supposed Fella Makafui s*x tape

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It has been alleged that the leaked s*x tape of Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui was the handiwork of rival and former best friend, Efia Odo.

The television presenter and part-time actress Efia Odo has not been on good terms with the “YOLO” actress Fella Makafui for some time now.

But, the current information reaching Ghanafuo.com shows the length of their strained relationship has gotten to.



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When Fella issue came….about her alleged naked sex video and her man collapsing her wine shop n bla bla…. pls first go n check my first post about dis saga …all i knew was publicity stunt cux i knew dis gal was moving to a new place n she want attention on it until then kako Efia came to ma DM to tell me dat…hv i heard wats going on??? Fella man has collected de shop and i said no…is publicity stunt…she said noooo…is true paaaa from de right source…she can confirm de man has collected his shop back…i was like oke…she was happy bi….so in de evening dis same person came to ma DM with Fella alleged naked video n link to get access to. ..i was like wowww…so dis issue is not publicity stunt??? She said is real paaaa so i posted de pic on ma page n told de world dat.. we gotta arrest de man …after i posted it p3…dis kako came back. ..and she is like, u are soo genuine and i like how u handle case n post ur things …u dnt mind who is ur frnd or enemy. ..she was happy i posted Fella alleged pic cux she said is her . Case close from der….but me posting her( kako) and her guy de3…come n see how dis girl is mad…i shld had said something positive about de guy…i know all de celebs are against her n bla bla…i was like how???? U feel okay wen i post negative vibe about ur own colleagues but u get mad when u realised i know ur boyfriend since adams…why dnt u want de world to know he is a father of three??? A scammer and a pimp. ..so u was bold enough to send me ur own ex friend (fella)naked video…n told me is her paaaa…have been trying hard to reconcile both but i hv realised u are evil…u wish bad for people n u wish best for urself. U want me to disgrace all de celebs and hail u on page…ma’am! !wafom kwan wai….i will say it as it is…period😯😯😯

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A post on Instagram by gossip page ‘Those Called Celebs’ has been doing the rounds and shows how Efia Odo had contacted them to spread the alleged s*x tape on their site to tarnish the image of Fella Makafui.
When later the same page posted about Efia with her latest boyfriend who is alleged to be married with 3 kids, involved in fraud business and pimping, the Kwese TV host got annoyed and messaged them to talk positively about her guy. Efia Odo and Kweku Reveloe

This led to ‘Those Called Celebs’ posting damaging dirt Efia Odo had been dishing out on her rival Fella Makafui.

We certainly have not heard the end of this and we will keep our readers in touch with all the inevitable reactions that will come from this revelation.

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