Captain Smart’ Romantic Proposal To US-Based Lady Despite Being Married To Afia Pokuaa: Video

There seems to be some trouble surrounding the marital life of Adom FM’s morning show host and anti-corruption campaigner, Captain Smart.

Captain Smart is known to be a married man who lives with his wife, Afia Pokuaa, a Ghanaian lady based in the Belgian city of Gent.

At the time their relationship became public, it was reported that Captain Smart had snatched Pokuaa from a man she was married to and lived with in Europe.

Video: Captain Smart proposes to US-based lady despite being married to Afia Pokuaa

Photo: Supplied

Notwithstanding, they went ahead to get married and the ‘original’ husband of Pokuaa even died, reportedly, after that.

But it looks like Captain Smart has had enough and is moving on to marry a new woman. has published a video of the popular radio host proposing  to another woman believed to be based in the United States.

In the video which has been making rounds on social media, Captain Smart is seen kneeling down at a public event to present an engagement ring to a yet-to-b identified lady.

The crowd cheered the hard-hitting presenter on as a live band version of Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’ playing in the background.

The woman who looked really surprised could only cover her with her hands as she watched on.

The whole episode, gathers, happened at the 3G Media Awards in the United States on Saturday.

Since the video surfaced online, many Ghanaians have been expressing surprise at Captain Smart’s proposal.

@amandaopata “What happened to the woman he snatched from someone?”

@dagaati_girl “But this man is married with 3 children and I know them personally eiii”

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@josephineagyemanbadu “Maybe it’s a movie”

@patantwi77 “My dear be careful with your money because when the money’s finish. He will go for another woman”

@joyce.animah.5494 “Eiii men hmmm May God have mercy and I pity for the incoming wife tooo”

@vivaciousvijay “Poor lady, and she’s happy. Abegi run for ur life. When he’s done with u, he will dump u like the others.”