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Captain Smart reveals the number of women he has slept with; sends a strong warning to his wife

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Godsbrain Smart has made another huge revelation this morning on Onua TV after going through the Serwaa Broni and her recent brouhaha. After reiterating his disappointment with those who have made the “story” unnecessarily viral, he stressed on the fact that no man is innocently a saint when it comes to dealings with women. He continued that he himself is no exception because he has “exposed” his nakedness to a lot of women.

Counting the numbers this morning 21st April 2022 on Onua TV, he mentioned that throughout his life, only eleven (11) women have seen his nakedness and that ends it. “Let’s stop the hypocrisy. I am living with my third wife and I am not ashamed to say it because if you, as my wife, will not help me to progress in my work you will have to part ways with me. That’s why I have told my wife to be supportive else she will have to pave way for another”, he added. He further mocked Yaa Broni and her cohorts who are making too much “unnecessary” noise on social media.



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