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Brother Sammy Drops Deep Secret About The Number Of Houses That Tracey Boakye Owns.

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The marriage ceremony of actress Tracey Boakye and Frank went viral few days ago. As Tracey Boakye and her husband are still in the honey moon period, Brother Sammy drops deep secret about Tracey Boakye’s lifestyle and the number of houses that Tracey Baokye owns.

From the video on Social Media, Brother Sammy who happens to be a gospel musician made it clear that Tracey Baokye is his niece and he was officially invited to the marriage ceremony which took place few days ago.

According to Brother Sammy, Tracey Boakye is a cool lady who does not show off her possessions too much to the general public. “I know tracey Boakye Very well. Tracey Boakye is having about 6 houses in Accra and two houses in Kumasi. There are businesses owned by Tracey Boakye of which no one has any idea about them. Finally, everybody have seen the PAPA No and he cannot take away the houses from her”. – Tracey Boakye’s Uncle ( Brother Sammy) stated


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