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Breastfeeding Fella Makafui drinks alcohol at an event

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Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has been spotted in a video on social media heavily drinking alcohol raising concerns for her daughter Island Frimpong.

In the video available, Fella Makafui together with her rapper husband Medikal were seen on the dancefloor dancing to one of Medikal’s hit songs.

Medikal was holding and drinking a bottle of Hennessey. Fella was clearly captured in the video taking the drink from Medikal moving some away from the prying eyes of the people gathered and sipping some before giving the bottle back to her husband.

Watch the video below:

Check out some comment from netizens below:

milly_kasa: “???Is she not breastfeeding ??”

afiaheavenly: “Island too go booze p3333”

reneabena: “Island will be drinking water then since she is surrounded by water ????”

out_figure_it: “But isn’t she breastfeeding ?? ???”

foreverrr.baah: “You ever see say ewe person reject alcohol before?”




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