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Bernice Asare goes mad after snatching friend’s husband?

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A bemusing video of Bernice Asare appearing to have lost her sanity and wandering on the streets has stirred mixed reactions online.

The Kumawood actress was recently in the news following allegations of sleeping with Tracey Boakye’s husband, which she subsequently denied in an interview with GHPage.

But in a surprising turn of event, Bernice has suddenly gone crazy as depicted in the video shared on TikTok.

She was spotted in a very elated mood, dancing and singing and looked very unkempt in a stained white gown as she opened up on how she run mad.

According to Bernice, she had an affair with someone’s husband and got pregnant for him. She added that after his wife found out, she cast a spell on her.

Watch the hilarious video below.

Bernice’s face was covered in make-up to make her look as though she was truly mad but she was only playing the role of a mentally challenged woman in an upcoming project.

Social media users who scrutinised the video very carefully also raise doubts about its veracity. Some pointed out that she was wearing artificial nails in the video, which did not conform with the role she was portraying.

Check out some reactions to the video below.

Bernice is a good role player and we can’t wait to see her in full action in this upcoming movie.


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