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Meet Benedicta Gafa’s alleged Ex fraudster boyfriend who beat her up & the full story behind the beatings

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This is actress Benedicta Gafa’s ex boyfriend who walk around with the name Dr. Kelvin meanwhile he is an alleged fraudster and his real name is Charles Asumadu.

Mr. Kelvin met Benedicta Gafa some years back…They were dating seriously and this gentleman here went and see Bene’s family with a promise ring and one schnapp for knocking.

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..so as they were hanging there to marry… they bought a land in mamponteng Fawoade kumasi Ashanti region.. to build a house for themselves. …Bene was in her house one sunny day and she got a call from a strange woman claiming Mr. Charles …aka self acclaimed Dr.Kevin is her husband so she started threatening Benedicta Gafa….

so after the actress’s family entered the case very well…it was confirmed he was married to that lady that time….so Bene told the man he can’t continue the relationship. …this man started fighting her over the uncompleted building in Fawoade…Bene left everything for him because of her own peace of mind…

Mr. Kelvin went to Bene rented apartment they used to stay in when ever he return back from America and beat her mercilessly. ..the poor orphan girl nearly died.

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…did he do this to Benedicta Gafa because he realised she has no mother??? Why are people soo heartless.

He allegedly paid Afia Schwarzenegger just to disgrace her.

The case is still pending in Court so he will hear from her family.

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