Beautiful Muslim Bride Dies Yesterday While Her Marriage Is To Be Held Today

A Facebook user identified as Auwal Saleh has shared a sad story of a beautiful Muslim Bribe who died last night while her wedding ceremony is supposed to be held today.

wedding invitation card
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According to Auwal, Fawziya Abdulkadir Tataru as the deceased bride was identified was supposed to be married today.

Fawziya Abdulkadir Tataru

The sad part is Fawyiza attended her first marriage called Walima. (Walima, or the marriage banquet, is the second of the two traditional parts of an Islamic wedding. The walima is performed after the nikah or marriage ceremony.)

So it’s just left with her second wedding before her sad demise.

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As it stands, her funeral service will be held at the very place her wedding ceremony was supposed to take place. Such a sad story.

Below was the post made by Auwal Saleh:

“Fawziya’s Wedding Fatiha was scheduled to take place today in Bauchi. Unfortunately, she died yesterday after attending her Wedding Walima. Her funeral prayer will take place today at Gwallaga Mosque where the wedding Fatiha was sheduled to take place at the same time (11:am). My condolences to Abduljalil, her family and friends. What a scary world. May the soul of Fawziya rest in Jannah. 🤲🏿

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