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“Be Careful Of Friends”- The Sad End Of A Young University Student Allegedly Killed By Her Friends

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Please be very careful about your friends and how you share your vital secrets with them. This article is about a sad story of a beautiful young university student who was allegedly killed by her friends one year after she was proposed to with 3 rings by her boyfriend. And let this serve as a lesson for all readers to sometimes keep some good news away from friends.

Why are all these things happening to our generation of toady? What wrong or offense have we committed to received heartbreaking sad news about youths each and every day? Some times it becomes quite unfortunate and sad to see sad moments like this concerning the youths around the world. Where does the future of our world lies if we continue to see people with great ambitions being buried at such tender ages due to hatred among ourselves. These questions still remains unanswered but we will keep asking.

Death as they said can be unfair to some prominent people but who are we to ask a question. Although death is inevitable but sometimes, there should be a way for some people to swerve it but unfortunately, this cannot happen. Once your time reaches to be called by the creator, you will sadly and surely go. As the Bible said, It appointed unto a man to die once, this statement has been in existence for centuries and has been consoling the world especially the Christians.

A sad photo of a university student who died a just recently after her boyfriend had proposed to her with three rings a year ago has got a lot of social media users sharing uncontrollable tears after her sad story was shared on the internet. According to the user who shared the sad photos of the young lady, the young lady was allegedly killed by her own friends out of hatred after she told them that her boyfriend had proposed to her as she flaunted the three rings. The beautiful lady shared many photos of her three rings which went viral on social media if some readers could recall.

A year after she shared such a happy moment of her life with her friends and on social media, her friends have come out a week ago reporting all over social media that their friend is dead. Many social media users were convinced enough that they were responsible for the death of their friend and they did it out of jealousy. Even though it has still not been confirmed yet as to whether her friends really killed her but many people alleged that nothing else could cause the death of the beautiful lady except her friends.

It becomes very painful if the dream of a person is not met due to untimely death but God’s will be done.

Let me use this channel to advise readers to sometimes keep some vital information to themselves alone. Our friends are not meant to hear everything about our lives. They pretend to be happy on hearing good news about us but deep down their heart, they are hurt that it’s always us and not them. Remember the saying that “Your best friend could be your worst enemy”.



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