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Badu Kobi’s Prophecy About Trump And The UD Election Is Happening

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The Founder and Leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi once prophesied about how President Donald Trump will end up in the US Elections. He was very emphatic, a month ago in his claim that Trump would win the election but under some weird circumstances.

His prophecy perhaps has been forgotten, as many are launching attacks on Apostle Dr. Isaac Owusu-Bempah. But in Badu Kobi’s prophecy the majority of the votes will be for Joe Biden yet Trump will have his way out to be the president elect for the US.

Today, Biden has the majority of electoral colleges, than Donald Trump. Since 08:00GMT, the update of the polls have stalled. Trump and his legal team had already started legal actions against the proceeds citing instances of a flawed electoral process.

His chances with the elections are dwindling as Biden has just about six more wins of the electoral college to emerge winner.

These occurrences, confirms Prophet Badu Kobi’s prophecy that “Trump will bulldoze his way and win.”

Is the legal action the bulldozing?

In another aspect of the prophesy, he noted Trump’s victory will not be by the votes of the people.

He explained that; “In 2016 I told you a certain nation will help Trump. The same way Trump will bulldoze his way and win. Americans will not understand but Trump is 2021 president.”

The realities of the issue, give room for one to believe to a greater extent that Trump could emerge the victor if his legal actions succeed.



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