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Ashanti Region Rep Wins GMB Again: Dr Kwaku Oteng Set to Marry Her Anaa?

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Yesterday was the grand finale of Ghana’s Most Beautiful. Out of 16 gorgeous ladies who started the program, 10 were evicted from the competition through votes and judges’ decisions. The remaining 6 were: Sarfoa, Akosua, Wedega, Mfodwo, Manu and Setor. These pretty contestants have held their regions in high esteem and told the good stories of their respective regions to the best of their knowledge.

However, there has to be only one queen and apparently, after putting all the votes together, Sarfoa, the representative of the Ashanti region won the pageant. She was crowned and it is official that she is Ghana’s Most Beautiful. She took the crown from her immediate predecessor- Naa, who represented the Greater Accra region.

This brought the attention of many to the first Ashanti region representative- Akua who won Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB). Akua was the first contestant to win for the Ashanti region and after her victory, Dr Kwaku Oteng, the Chief Executive Officer of the Angel Group of Companies married her. Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah, best known as Akua attracted the attention of the entire nation with her spectacular performance at 2011 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB). She subsequently organized her own beauty contest called “Miss Golden Stool” under the auspices of her company, Jay and Jay Co. Limited.

Coincidentally, Sarfo has similar qualities and even more. She is humble, eloquent and distinctively beautiful. So, is Dr Kwaku Oteng going to marry her as well?

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