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Apostle Kwadwo Safo Explains How He Uses Palm Nut To Make Car Engine

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Apostle Kwadwo Safo is the founder of Kantanka Group of Companies. He is counted among the greatest industrialists in Africa.

Kantanka Group of Companies produces a range of mechanical products chief among them is the Kantanka automobiles which produce the Kantanka vehicles. The Vehicles are very popular not only in Ghana his home country but all over Africa.

Apostle Kwadwo Safo is also the founder and leader of Kristo Asafo (Christ Reformed) church.

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Apostle Kwadwo Safo has explained how he uses Palm nut to make care engines and it’s marvelous. He made these revelations when he was addressing his congregation at the Kristo Asafo Church on the power of the human mind and the tongue if put to good use.

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According to him, he spends sleepless nights and days thinking about how to improve on his skills and that is what has made him who he is today.

Watch The video of Apostle Kwadwo Safo explaining how he uses palm nut to make care engines below

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