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Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Has Being nominated for Extraordinary Achievements and Heroes of Africa Awards

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Apostle Dr. Dr. Ing Kwadwo Safo Kantanka has been awarded THE BEST SCIENTIST IN AFRICA at the maiden Marcus Garvey Ball and Banquet awards held at the Swiss Spirit, Alisa hotel in Accra. Does Kantanka truly deserve the award? Give reasons for your answer.

Congratulations Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo being nominated for Extraordinary Achievements and Heroes of Africa Awards,the first African to manufacturer a car. He was born on 26th August 1948 at Bekwai in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. After basic school, he attended the Ghana Technical Works Institute in Kumasi. He thereafter had a three-year stint as a welder at the Volta Aluminum Company (VALCO), West African Metals and the French African Company. On the 3rd February, 1971 he founded his church, Kristo Asafo (Christ Reformed Church). Kristo Asafo is famous for its philanthropy and service to the needy in society since inception.
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Mission: Technological Innovations

Apostle Safo and his Krsito Asafo church in recent times have been more famous in the multi-technology industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole. His mission is to empower black Africa through the application of appropriate technology and innovative science and to uplift the sunken image of the African continent.

As a musical enthusiast, he started with the fabrication of Electrical Drums with brain units, Loud Speakers, Professional Mixing Console, Amplifiers, Pre-Amps and Seven-Stringed Bass Guitars. He then moved on to Sewing and Embroidery Machines and within some few years leapfrogged to the manufacture of a multi-purpose mobile Block Molding Machine capable of producing 16 blocks at a time, a 26’ Flat Screen Sensor Television (powered by human breadth and turned off by the wave of hand). He manufactured his first automobile “Kantanka Saloon” in 1998 and a Cross Country 4 – Wheel Drive “Kantanka Onantefo I” in 2006. In June 2007, he released a newer model of “the Kantanka Onantefo II” which was driven throughout most parts of the country for testing. On 30th December 2007, Apostle Safo outdoored a 26 feet long Limo styled Cross Country “Kantanka Obrempon” at the church’s 27th Annual Charity & Technology Fair at Awoshie in Accra, Ghana. He on the same day launched an Excavator which he locally manufactured. He has made a variety of industrial machinery – Weed Slashers, Street Cabbage Collectors, Spot Welding Machines and Automated Human Sensored WCs and Taps.

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Service to Mankind

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo is a special Man of God. He preaches the gospel and performs miracles within and outside the congregation of his church. But he reminds each and every one of the fact that: “miracle is not my mission”.

He became more involved in philanthropy and contribution to charity from the very onset of Kristo Asafo. From single handedly feeding some of the stranded Ghanaian returnees from Nigeria in 1983 amidst bush fire and famine that ravaged the country at that time, he donated to Rehabilitation Centers, Social Welfare Centers, Prisons, Children’s Homes and other institutions throughout the country including the University of Ghana – Legon.

In spite of his enormous contribution to society, he keeps emphasizing the fact that, “philanthropy is not my mission on earth”.

His good works and kind gestures have earned him awards from the government and countless institutions throughout the country. These include:

The Order of the Volta (Member Division) in 2007

The Millennium Excellence Award, Best Philanthropist in the Humanitarian Category in 2006

He was appointed Member of the National Council for Tertiary Education in 2006

Associate Member of the Ghana Institute of Engineers in 2004

The Industrial Pinnacle Award, Winner of Gold in Industrial Development Engineering in 2004

The Industrial Pinnacle Award, Winner of Platinum Service to Humanity in 2004

The Industrial Pinnacle Award, Winner of Platinum in the Agric and Food Production Category in 2004

State Honor, Grand Medal (GM) Civil Division for Exemplary Leadership, Technology Ingenuity and Deep Concern for the Deprived in Society in 2000

Charted Institute of Marketing, Special Award in Marketing Agricultural and Technological Skills through the Youth in 1999

Honorary Doctor of Law Degree from the University of Ghana in 1999


He is a patriotic Africa and strong believer in the creation of wealth within the borders of each country rather than relying on foreign assistance. For him, no empowerment is as effective as self-empowerment and that the Blackman is capable of doing anything the White can do. Hardwork and perseverance are his most cherished words. He always encourages African that all hope is not lost, that wisdom is not obsolete, that the optimists have it and always have it, not because they are always right but because they are positive. He teaches that, the way to success is identifying talents, improving on them and applying same to the benefit of society. He believes that God created everyone in his own image; therefore, everyone is created for a purpose and has equal capabilities and abilities to redirect their destinies. The burden then is for us to identify that purpose and apply our abilities to the freedom of ourselves and to the His glory.


Apostle Safo is a man of few words and an optimist. As industrious and business minded as he is, he has invested in many businesses: Great Kosa Company Limited with various divisions and sub-divisions, Great Kosa Clinic, Modern Kosa Company Limited, Great Imperial Company Limited, Kristo Asafo Schools, Great Kosa Vision and Kristo Asafo Farms.

At Gomoa Mpota in the Central Region of Ghana, he and his team of researchers are working tirelessly in all fields of innovative science and applied technology. Different types of home and electrical appliances, Sport Utility Vehicles, Excavators and many more industrial types of equipment are manufactured.

He is currently constructing facilities which will be the epicenter of Research and Development of his real mission ‘the Redemption of Africa’ at his one hundred and eleven (111) acre land stretch at Gomoa Mpota in the Central Region of Ghana. On that same stretch the African University of Technology will be built and the thunderous drum of ‘Africa re-awake’ which has started beating will continue to beat until the Star of Africa redeems Africa. God bless Africa.

Initial Problems

To solve this economic problem, Apostle embarked on the preparation of “don’t touch me” ( a kind of low quality soap that causes skin problems and clothing materials to fade and usually patronized by the poor in society but which was the least affordable in Ghana as of that time) at Kensere near Bekwai in the Ashanti region. After preparation of the soap, he with his followers will slice them proportionally and carry them on their heads for sale by roaming through the length and breadth of the villages and towns around Kumasi to the dismay of the people who would question the legitimacy of the true Man of God. With his leadership acumen, he applied division of labour among his followers. He assigned each group roles to perform. Some went into trading, farming, fishing and others went into the propagation of the gospel.

Concealed Identity

Apostle Safo knew within himself and beforehand that he was a great man engulfed with wealth and technological know-how to redeem Africa but had just wanted to tell the world how God does His things. He has illustrated the fact, which great historians have always recognized, that mankind does not invariably progress by imperceptible steps but sometimes takes a giant leap, often under the dynamic divine force of a solitary outsized personality. When the time was due for him to launch his technological prowess, he leapfrogged traditional technological concepts and is now on the verge of re-writing history. He is one man who cut across all branches of technical and innovative professionalism.

Service to Mankind

Today, the Kristo Asafo has 137 branches in Ghana and one each in Verona, Italy, London in the United Kingdom and the United States. Today Apostle Safo and his Kristo Asafo has become the mouthpiece of every Ghanaian and African. Since its inception, Apostle Safo has donated to a lot of institutions, including the universities, prisons, orphanages, leprosarium, social welfares and hospitals. He has been the father of the poor and needy. His concern for humanity and his mission of restoring Africa from its lost glory is glary.

Belief in the power of applied knowledge

His activities which transcend charity are beyond the comprehension of ordinary minds. Unlike other charismatic churches, Kristo Asafo (Christ reformed Church), apart from the believe we have in the trinity, also believe that the infinite intelligence that God has given to mankind is not limited to the one race and that by hard work and perseverance through science and technology as demonstrated by our visionary leader Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, the image of our abode will be redeemed and uplifted.

Ghana is proud of you

Africa is proud of you.




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