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Anamon Goes After Kuami Eugene For “Stolen” Lyrics.

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Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Raphael Essien, known in showbiz as Anamon has alleged that Kuami Eugene stole portions of his 2012 ‘Ashawo’ track for the ‘open gate’ song.

In the light of this, he has given Kuami Eugene time to resolve what he (Anamon) has termed as stealing of his intellectual property or face legal action.

Speaking on drone news on the Away Bus show, the musician said Kuami Eugene should have contacted him before using the lyrics. He claims to have registered the ‘wele, sebe and kontomire’ part of Kuami Eugene’s hit ‘Open Gate’ song.

He described Kuami Eugene as disrespectful adding that:  “if he is respectful, he would have called and asked permission from me before using the words. I spent several amounts of money on the song. I registered the words and the terms at the Copyright office”. Anamon added that he would go to court and demand for damages if the management if the musician fails to come to the table and address the issue.

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