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All The Men Who Enjoyed The Heavy Tundra of Enice Free of Charge

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Many state that they love date rush due to its entertaining nature, others also say that they dislike the show because of the immorality that comes with it, others have also concluded that whether good or bad “we meuve”.

This week’s episode brought variety. The first lady brought onto the show was “Teacher Nora” who was slender and sleek and was taken off the dating market by Prince, a Nigerian Contestant.

The second lady to grace the stage was Enice, a beautiful and well-endowed lady with curves at the right places if not more. She was able to get the attention of almost all the male contestants on the show and many got the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of “Soluku” with her free of charge. Usually it is the person who gets the lady as a date who gets that opportunity, however, Enice seemed quite generous with her package. Below are all the men who enjoyed her heavy Tundra free of charge.

1. Ali with his solar eclipse glasses


Ali, who was a replacement for one of the male candidate showed no dulling as he didn’t let the opportunity pass him by. Immediately the lady appeared on stage, he showed great interest. Even with Giovanni constantly teasing him that he is too slim for her, Ali pressed on. He was at the end able to get a pice of that “cake”.

2. Desmond with the Mother and Son vibes

Desmond who is constantly being teased about his size didn’t let that stop him as he fought to get Enice as a date. Seeing that he stood no chance, he gave up, however Giovani asked Enice to cheer him up a little. Desmond thus also got the chance to enjoy the “package” free.

He was however teased by Ghanaians as they looked like mother and son due to the size differences.

3. Fareed left with “Canzo”

At the end of Enice’s session, it was Fareed who she ended up choosing. Fareed expressed that he loves “thick” Ladies as his ex-girlfriend was one. He also adds that he is good with children therefore he has no problem looking after Enice and her two children. He also then got the chance to dance with his date.

4. The Mysterious Father of Her Children

Enice’s former lover tops the list as she apparently has two children of his. The Relationship between the two of them as per Enice is over, after she found out that he was already secretly married to another woman. Enice thus deems herself single and that is why she appeared on the show.



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