Alexis Skyy BEAT UP Blac Chyna Last Night!! (Details & Receipts)

Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyyy got into a fist fight with reality star Blac Chyna last night in Los Angeles. And according to Alexis – she won the fight.

The incident popped off at a house party that the two ladies attended in the Hollywood Hills.

Alexis claims that she was drinking at the party, minding her business, when Chyna pulled up on her.

Blac Chyna came up to her & allegedly started screaming in her face – telling her to get out her section. Alexis was confused, so she still sat there.

Blac Chyna then threw a drink at Alexis – and it went down. Alexis & her friend started fighting Chyna.


Alexis claims that she repeatedly punched Chyna in the face, and pulled off Rob Kardashian’s babys mama wig. Chyna’s face was “bruised” and bloody, according to eye witnesses.

The owner of the house threw Alexis & her friend out, after seeing what they did to Chyna.

Alexis stayed outside for hours – and even went on Live, saying she gonna fight Blac Chyna. She also claimed that Blac Chyna is on crack & that’s why her face is sunken in.



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