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Afia Schwarzenegger should be arrested for doing this (Opinion)

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People have different ways to promote whatever job they are into. The way some people will advertise their products will move you to patronize such products. I can say that some people are naturally blessed with talents in terms of how they can organize people, promote their businesses, and even how to advertise their products.

We all know how controversial and plain-talker Afia Schwarzenegger can be and actually is. Since she publicized Pena Drinking Water, there’s not been a single day she doesn’t advertise. What’s mindblowing is the tactics she has developed and uses in advertising it.

Today’s own was no exceptional as she has posted another picture in order to remind people that they must patronize her water. But my question is; is this how to advertise your product?

In my opinion, she must be arrested to serve as deterrent to other “celebrities.

View the picture below and let’s get talking in the comments section;
What’s your take on this picture above?




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