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Afia Schwar Drops Tru.Mu Video Of Tonardo And Partner In Club After Bouncers Caught Them In Washroom

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Afia Schwar has dropped evidence to back his claims that Tonardo is tru.mu tru.mu man.

Afia Schwarzenegger has exposed with evidence how Nana Tonardo and his partner were caught in the act.

Supporting her claims that Nana Tonardo is a tru.mu man, she said he was caught at a Pub at Adabraka known as Strawberry.

She had on her phone a photo of Nana Tonardo and his supposed partner in the pub.

Afia Schwarzenegger then played an audio of someone gossiping about how Nana Tonardo and his partner were busted in the washroom of the pub.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she needs someone to create a WhatsApp group for her to drop the video and the full audio.

She also said those eager to hear the full length of the audio should send her gift for her to drop it in the evening.


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