“Aboa wo to nono” was inspired by Fella Makafui’s backside – Medikal

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I released ‘Aboa Woto Nono’ because of Fella Makafui’s big backside – Medikal

If you ever think Fella Makafui’s heavy backside isn’t playing a major role in her dating Medikal, then you are getting it all wrong.

Fella Makafui used her ‘Nyagadush’ to switch the attention of Medikal from Sister Derby and ever since, Medikal has found peace in his life.

Medikal told Lexis Bill that Fella has inspired so many things in his life, which is why he’s dating her because she makes him a better person and as well brings out the best in him.

My girlfriend [Fella] inspires me in a lot of ways, I preach my lifestyle [in my songs] and anything I say is actually true,” he said.

“I talk about money, cars, some lifestyle and my girlfriend are all true, she inspired me to do songs like ‘Ayekoo’, ‘Aboa wo to nono’ etc.

Medikal also took the opportunity on the same media platform to address cheating allegations made against him by Sister Derby.

He revealed that he never cheated on Derby but was quick however to add that social media contributed immensely to their break-up.



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