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99 Powerful Names Of God You Need To Know

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There are many names of God in the Bible. Here are some strong names of God that when you make mention of them, the provoke heavens and make everything ready for you.

ELOHIM>God is incredible, mighty and powerful

JEHOVAH>Lord Master and relational God.

ADONAI> master overall things in heaven and on earth.


powerful name of God most high.

JEHOVAH JIREH>the God that provides. JEHOVAH NISSI>the God is my banner

JEHOVAH RAPHA>the God that heal. The great healer

EL-LYON>the most high God, the God that is above all gods.

EL-ROI>the God that is present everywhere.

ELDONAST DYNAST>Jesus Christ mighty in power, Jesus Christ the King

ABBA FATHER>the intimate and closed name of God, my father

LEESHANA ATEEQAH>Jesus Christ our redeemer

MESHACH>Jesus Christ the Messiah

EL-SOTER>Jesus Christ the SAVIOR

EL-SOPHIA>the wisdom of God

OMNIPOTENT>the most powerful God

OMNIPRESENT>the God that is present everywhere

OMNISCIENT>the God that knows everything


TAHEPTA PNEUMATA TOU THEO>the seven spirit of God

RUWACH ELOHIM>the spirit of God

KNEUMA KRISTOS> the spirit of Christ

ELOHIM CHESSEDI> the God of my mercy.

JEHOVAH SHALOM>the God of my peace.

JEHOVAH SHAMMER>the God that is present everywhere Psalm 139.

JEHOVAH HODOS> the Lord is my way.

JEHOVAH EL-EMET>the Lord is my Truth.

JEHOVAH EL-ZOO>the Lord is my life.

JEHOVAH EL-SOZO> the Lord is my salvation.

JEHOVAH TISHUATI> the Lord is my salvation.

JEHOVAH ESH.OKLAH> God the consuming fire. [ Deuteronomy 4:24].

JEHOVAH EL-QANNAI>the jealous God.

EL-EMUNAH>the faithful God.

EL-GAOL>the glorious God.

ELOHE YISRAEL>the mighty God of Israel.

ELOHE TAHILLATI>the God of my praise.

ELOHE MA’UZZI>the God is my strength.

ELOHE MACHASE LANU>the God is my refuge.

ELOHE MAGINNENU>the Lord is my defense

ELOHIM CHAYIM>the living God.

EL-HAYAY>the God of my life.

ELOHIM KADOSHIM OR JEHOVAH KADOSH>the HOLY God, the HOLY of the holiest God. [Isaiah 6:3]

EL-HAKABOADH>the God of my glory.

MELEK KABOWD>the king of glory.

ELOHE OLAM> the everlasting God

ELOHIM OZERLI> the God is my helper

EL-SALI>God is my Rock

ELOHIM TSADEKI>the God of my righteousness.

ELOHIM SHOPHTIM BA-RET>the God who judgeth the Earth.


EL-SIMCHATH-GILI>the God of my exceeding Joy.

ELOHE YAKUB>the God of Jacob.

ELOHE MARON>the God of height. The highest God.

ELOHE HAELOHIM> the God of gods.

EHYEH ASHER EHYEH> I am that I am. Also all sufficient God.

JEHOVAH ADONKOL HA-RETS> the Lord God of all the Earth.

ELOHE CHEREB> the Lord God of my sword.

EL-GIBBOR MILCHAMAH> the Lord mighty in battle. Psalm 24.

JEHOVAH GOELEK> the Lord my redeemer.

JEHOVAH EL-ELOHIM the Lord God of all gods. Mighty, strong and powerful over all.

JEHOVAH ELOHIM AB >the Lord God of our fore father’s. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

EL-NEKAMOTH>the God that avangeth. God of vengeance.

EL- BETHEL>the God of the house of God. The God that is in this place.

EL- ATTIQ YOMIN> ancient of days. God of yesterday, today, tomorrow and forevermore.

ELOHIM BARA> God the creator of the all.

ELOHIM DESPOTA>the Lord our Master.

ELOI – ELOI> my God my God.

EL-GIBBOR> the mighty God.

EL- HOPISTOS>God the most high.

JEHOVAH M’KADESH>the God that sanctifies.

ELOHIM MEKODDISHKEM >the God is my sanctifier, the God that purifies.

ELOHE RA’AH>the Lord is my shepherd.

JEHOVAH TSIKEDNU>the Lord the righteous.

JEHOVAH MATSUWD>the Lord is my fortress, shelter and stronghold.

MELEK YISRAEL>the king of Israel.

ME THAPODOTES>the rewarder.

EL- PHOSPHORUS>the bright morning star.

EL-ORGOYIM>the God of light of the nation’s

EL- MA’ON OR MA’OWN> our dwelling place.

ABINU OR PATER> our father.

AVINU MALKEINU> our father our king.

RABI OR RABBONI>the teacher of all things.

EL-SHAPHAT OR SHOFET>God the great judge.

EL-MACHACEH>God is my shelter.

EVEN YISRAEL>the stone of Israel.

EL- ADIR>the strong one.



EL-TSADDIQ>righteous and just God.

TSUR> Rock and strength.

TSUR YESHUATO> the Rock of salvation.

YAH OR JAH> hallelujah [Psalm 68:4].

EL- ISMAIAH>the Lord that hears.

YASHA>the just one.


ELOHE CHARISTA>the God of my anointing’s

ELOHE BARAK>the God of my blessings.

ELOHE PYRE>the God of fire.

EL-MENORA>the God of the seven candle of the seven churches.



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