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Meet Top 5 Ghanaian churches with the most beautiful girls

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Gone are the days when it was believed that ladies in the church should wear just anything when going to worship.

In fact, now a days the most beautiful and well-kept girls can actually be found in the church, with their styled dresses, hairstyles and general appearance making them very appealing.

However, just like for everything else in this world, observations from outside have shown that some churches have more beautiful girls than others.

Top 5 Ghanaian churches with the most beautiful girls

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Below are five Ghanaian churches with very beautiful girls:

1. Pentecost

The Church of Pentecost normally houses beautiful and youthful women that are also well disciplined, nurtured and good-mannered.


2. Lighthouse Chapel

Ladies from the Lighthouse Chapel tend to be generally exhibit good character in addition to their beauty and craft.

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3. Assemblies of God

It is no understatement when you here most men say the ladies from the Assemblies of God church are pure ‘marriage materials”. They are beautiful and very cultured too.


Most of the ladies at the International Central Gospel Church are very youthful and very beautiful as well.

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5. Christ Embassy

The Christ Embassy Church houses some of the most beautiful Christian girls you will ever see. They are also normally youthful.



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