3 Famous Ghanaian Female Celebrities Who Have Slept With Ayittey Powers

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Baba Spirit looks to be adding more fuel to the already burning flame between him and Ayittey Powers.

The comedian who was speaking to Arnold during an interview on VibesIn5 made some serious allegations against the Ghanaian boxer.

According to the comedian, Ayittey Powers is womanizer and he goes round sleeping with every woman she sees. He added that Ayittey Powers was responsible for leaking Rashida Black’s sextape and that he also slept with her.

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He went on to reveal that the Ghanaian boxer has also slept with a lot of famous Ghanaian female celebrities mentioning the likes of Rashida Black, Patience Nyarko among others.

The Ghanaian comedian also indicated that Ayittey Powers is a thief who goes round stealing women’s panties and brassieres they dry on the dryline.

“Ayittey Powers is foolish, stupid, not handsome, a rapist and even Rashida Black, he was the one who leaked her naked video. I have evidence Ayittey Powers had an affair with Rashida Black.” Baba Spirit said


“Ayittey Powers also had an affair with Sokohemaa, he has slept with a lot of women. He has slept with Rashida “MotherFucker”, Sokohemaa, Patience Nyarko” the Ghanaian comedian said.

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