We Are Still Single Because Ghanaian Men Are Afraid To……. Female Musicians Cries Out

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A group of female musicians who are ready for marriage but no suitors are coming forth have decided to blame Ghanaian men for their singleness.

These female musicians say, they could not fathom why Ghanaian men are unable to approach and propose love to them when they are ever ready to accept them.

According to them, perhaps their statuses as musicians give negative assumptions and perceptions about them to these men.

They added that, it’s one thing to be a female singer performing on stages and another thing to be a good a wife.

These, they believe, are the main reasons for their singleness, adding that in terms beauty, they can match any other professional lady in the country.

The unhappy female singers have asked of their countrymen to gather courage and propose to them and see if we will not accept their proposals.

“It’s time, our Ghanaian men get courage and propose to us, we aren’t getting any younger by the day so come. We are ready”. One female musician said on condition of anonymity.

Another said, “We want our men (Ghanaians) to approach us for a serious relationship which will lead to marriage.”

“Since I became a musician, men automatically stopped proposing to me and I’m worried by it. I am very decent so don’t assume negatively because of our appearance on stage. I need a man in my life.” Another added.

“We are in need of our men to rock our beautiful bodies. We have feelings and we can’t wait to have a man we can we own. Our bodies aren’t firewoods.” Another said.




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