8 little-known facts about past British royal weddings

For centuries, royal weddings have been the ultimate benchmark for special nuptial ceremonies. Many of the rituals done by the queens and princess have lived on even after their death but some facts remain a people’s favourite.

Asides from the ceremony literally shutting down England, the weddings are broadcasted world-wide, so people can be a part of the royal family’s history.

As the world watches Meghan walk down the aisle with Prince Harry on May 19. YEN.com.gh presents eight facts you most likely never knew about past royal weddings.

1. Princess Diana’s shoes had a hidden message

Princess Diana’s wedding slippers Source: Getty Images North America

On July 29, 1981, 20-year-old Diana tied the knot with Prince Charles. There were so many special things about their royal wedding including the fact that Princess Diana had a hidden message written on her shoes. The footwear which took six months to make was made by celebrity cobbler Clive Shilton and was covered with 542 sequins and 132 pearls. Diana’ heels had a secret message painted on the sole which read the letters C and d with a heart in between.

2. Queen Victoria started the white wedding gown trend

A Century of Queens Wedding Dresses Exhibition, London Source: Getty Images North America

Victoria reigned as queen from 1837 till her death in 1901. It’s interesting to know that the long-serving queen was a pioneer in wearing a particular colour of wedding dress. Before queen Victoria, brides were known to wear elegant coloured dresses which they wanted. However, Victoria changed the game when she walked down the aisle in white dress. Then after, every bride chose the colour and it became a trend and it was cited as a sign of purity.

3. All the royal brides have had the same type of cake

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For the royal family, tradition is everything. From queen Victoria in 1840, all royal weddings have served fruit cake on the special day. It is said that a fruitcake’s ingredients symbolise wealth and prosperity, and according to pastry chef at London’s Dalloway Terrace, Chris Dodd, they also “represent the vastness of the British empire, using ingredients from far-flung corners of the globe.”

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4. Queen Elizabeth used coupons to pay for her dress

Princess Elizabeth was granted 200 ration coupons in which she used to purchase her elegant dress for the special day.

5. Kate Middleton did her make-up on her wedding day

Royal Wedding – Carriage Procession To Buckingham Palace And Departures Source: Getty Images Europe

Before the big day, Kate Middleton was said to have taken a few lessons from makeup artist, Arabella Preston and did her own face-beat.

6. All the royal nuptials cost millions of dollars

Weddings are generally expensive, talk more of royal weddings. In 2011, William and Kate spent an estimated N11 billion and such has been for many other royal weddings.

Prince Harry Marries Ms. Meghan Markle – Windsor Castle Source: Getty Images Europe

7. Diana had the longest train, about 25 foot long

Princess Dianas Other Wedding Dress For Auction Source: Getty Images Europe

Princess Diana had the longest train in the history of royal brides. It was said to be about 25 foot long. The intricate ivory taffeta gown was designed by husband-and-wife design team David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

8. All royal brides have a bouquet in common

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The Royal Wedding Dress Exhibtion Source: Getty Images Europe

In 1840, Queen Victoria’s bouquet included a sprig of myrtle. Ever since, every royal bride has kept a sprig of the flower. Myrtle is often considered the flower of love, marriage, and lasting fertility.

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