6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Single Mums – No .1 Is Single With A Married Daughter (Pictures)

In this “modern world” being a single mother is no longer a big deal and some of our actresses in the Nollywood also feel the same way, quite a number of Nollywood actresses are living single even though some of them have been married before and have given birth to children, many of them are actually products of relationships that turned sour, some of them went through the process of changing their marital status to ‘married’, only to realize that marriage isn’t really for them for whatever reasons that made them come out of it, we have taken a look at some of the leading Nollywood single mothers and have made a compilation of them here, hopefully, you’ll find it interesting and entertaining.

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Without further ado, check them out in the list below:

6. Faithia Balogun

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This beautiful script interpreter is without doubt a delight to watch anytime; the news of her separation from her movie actor cum producer husband raised some dust which is gradually subsiding, and it is a common knowledge that she has had a baby with another man before she decided to settle down with Saheed whom she adopted his name. Sources claimed her union with Saheed was an after-thought as she had initially declined the actor’s advances, preferring a London-based lover who she had a child for before coming back for Saheed.

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It was even alleged that they were not officially married but that she decided to adopt his name so as to cover the mistake of not having proper wedding before making babies together. The union which has since broken down completely over issues relating to infidelity has returned her to the status of single parent Nigerian celebrity.

5. Iyabo Ojo

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It is no secret that Iyabo has been a single mother for many years, story has it that she lived with a guy years back who fathered her children, a boy and a girl. Though many believe the children are the result of a marriage she entered into while she was still very young, others argue it is a result of a fling she decided to have to have children before going after her career in the movie industry.

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She has over the years been linked with many men both within and outside the movie industry, but Iyabo has always been evasive when the issue of marriage is pushed to her and she has always been frank about the fact that she has children she cares so much about.

4. Tayo Odueke (Sikiratu Sindodo)

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She’s one of the Nigerian celebrities who has been very cautious about mentioning the child they had out of wedlock, hardly has she ever given a mention to the fact that she has a daughter or that she’s a single parent, rather Tayo is seen by her fans as a young lady that has never experienced the joy of motherhood before.

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When she was the apple of the eyes of one time leader of Oshodi branch of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), the child’s name was kept out of everything the chubby Yoruba actress did since she came to limelight and it is the belief of her many fans that she’s still without any kid. Sikiratu Sindodo as Tayo is called is another of the numerous Nigerian celebrities that are single parents.

3. Gloria Doyle

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Madam controversy could be the right word to qualify boobs flaunting Gloria, she declared not too long ago that she’s still not interested in settling down. The busty woman who claims to be a gospel musician and later a pastor of a church in Ogba axis of Lagos is the mother of a grown-up girl who she had while she was still very young and she has since then been living as a single mother, even when she has suitors that are ready to walk her down the aisle, she stuck to her single status which gives her freedom to take any man she so desires at any time.

2. Waje

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She shot to prominence when she was featured by the singing duo of P Square in their 2005 hit Do Me; the performance then encouraged the twins to allow her do a lady version of their Omoge Mi song; she has also been featured by Banky W and M.I. at different occasions. Born Aituaje Aina Vivian Ebele Iruobe, commonly known as WAJE which is the acronym for “Words aren’t just enough”, Waje has a love child she which she’s not hiding but not also really exposing to the press.

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The secret of the 10-year-old daughter became public knowledge in 2011 and the talented songstress has never denied the existence of the child which is the result of an affair the pretty lady had many years back, though she’s still very single and not really into any form of relationship, but she is of the belief she will settle down as time goes on.

1. Genevieve

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Her case is the most talked about of the Nigerian celebrities that have children, and it is attributed to the fact that she was at a time the most sought after Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji’s love child story is one that arouse heated arguments anytime it is mentioned, some are of the opinion that the father took advantage of her while she was still too young to make proper decision, others are of the opinion that she knows what she’s doing.

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The daughter who the actress will want to protect at all cost from public glare was conceived when she was still in secondary school and she has since been taking care of the child who close pals described as her life even when she will not have anything to do with the father ever again.