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5 Times Stonebwoy dissed Shatta Wale in his “Smile Time Done” song

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About 3 days ago, BHIM Nation CEO Stonebwoy, dropped his much anticipated “Smile Time Done” song.

A very great song, good for the soul and mind with deep lyrical content.


Fans has since been sharing positive reviews about the song and in reality, the song is a well cooked one.

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Just as the title suggests, it seems the 2015 BET Awards winner is done smiling.

In his “Smile Time Done” song, Stonebwoy reserved some few lines simply for no other person but Shatta Wale. And the punches were so heavy.

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We’ve analyzed the lyrics ourselves and these lines are direct diss, we’ll try and mention how it is in a way directed at Shatta.

1. “Longtime mi set mi pace and mi nuh follow bakka man”

Shatta Wale has over the years bragged that he’s the pace-setter when it comes to music in Ghana especially in the “Dancehall Genre”. He has always said that he opened the eyes of his colleagues in this game of music.

But Stonebwoy in this line is implying that he’s the one who has been setting the pace for a very long time and that he does not follow any “bakka man” which literary translates as a “foolish man“.

2. “I come fi teach … I come fi preach … I come fi take the ghetto youth outta the dirt”

Stonebwoy in this line says he has come to teach and preach in other to take the ghetto youth out of dirt.

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If you can agree with me, it is an open secret that people do accuse Shatta Wale of influencing the Youth negatively. Talk of his incessant smoking while on camera and of course a lot of kids watch him do this.

He’s also noted for using foul words like “p***y”, “suck your mother” among other unprintable words. This we can say is a way of polluting the mind of the Youth as they may also tend to use these foul words eventually as they become used to it subconsciously.

So Efo Stonegod is saying he does not associate himself with these kind of stuffs but rather he wants to take the “Ghetto Youth out of the dirt” and evidently, you won’t hear him making use of words of this nature in his songs.

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And even though, it has been alleged that he smokes himself, he always keep it off camera.

3. “Hear dem a seh di badness a dat a make you rich … That’s what you out for addi brain washers”

This yet another serious punch from Stonebwoy. He’s saying that there is someone who keeps saying that badness is what will make you rich. But he (Stonebwoy) is calling those people “brain washers”.

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If you can agree with me, Shatta Wale has said time without number that he’s not bothered when people call him bad and spread bad news about him. Because at the end of the day, it brings him more money.

However, Stonebwoy is pointing to the fact that, this mentality is that of brain washers—people who persuade by propaganda.

So as the “Ghetto Youth deliverer”, he’s implying that he won’t advice the Youth to toe this line of using badness to make one rich. Since it’s not the way forward.

4. “Nuh follow who ah cry peace but ah pamper the war … But ah pamper the war”

In this line, Stonegod is again saying that he won’t follow those who cry for peace but yet pamper the war.

Shatta has been accused of this on countless occasions. Even this is the main reason why Kwaw Kese is beefing him.

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It has been observed that the “Freedom” hitmaker always talks about peace and how unity can make the music industry to go forward but once he steps on radio, he begins to discredit other colleague musicians.

Even rapper Gemini also complained of this. So Stone is saying, he’s never going to follow a person of this nature.

5. You no see say nuff ghetto youth dem ah loose dem soul … And you ah tell dem fi take tramadol

Which musician in Ghana is always alleged to influence his fans to take Tramadol? If you can be honest with yourself, the first answer that’ll pop into your mind is the name, Shatta Wale.

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Stonebwoy is again saying that, can’t Shatta see how a whole lot of Ghetto Youth are loosing their souls? And yet, he always encourages them to take Tramadol.

Having looked at all these, one can see that “Smile Time Done” is a major shade thrown at Shatta Wale.



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