5 Crucial Reasons Why John Mahama May Not Contest In The 2020 Elections

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is set to pick its flagbearer for the 2020 general elections in December 2018.

A number of NDC members have already expressed interest in representing the party in that respect.

Former President John Mahama is yet to declare whether or not he will contest in the elections.

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YEN.com.gh brings to you 5 reasons why he may not get involved in the race to become the party’s flagbearer:

1. Ghanaians are used to the 8-year rule for every political party

In recent years, political power in Ghana has been shared by two parties, the NPP and the NDC, each enjoying 8 years in office. A plan to ‘disturb’ that status quo may prove costly.

2. It may give the impression that he has a personal agenda

John Mahama served as a member of parliament, deputy minister, minister, vice president and ultimately president. An attempt to contest again may create the impression that he has unfinished personal agenda.

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3. Other wannabe flagbearers may argue they deserve a chance at presidency

Some NDC members have expressed interest in contesting as flagbearer for the NDC. Another attempt by John Mahama could also be seen as attempt to stifle the presidential ambitions of others.

4. It may boost his profile if he resists a political opportunity he is qualified for

In Africa, political power is often considered hard to resist. A decision to forgo presidency may send a new message to the world.

5. Elimination of a perception of power-drunkenness by African leaders

Africa is known as a continent of political leaders who express unwillingness to leave office. A decision to go contrary to that perception may change the opinions of a lot of political observers.

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