Hausa, Yoruba & Igbo ~ Which Of These Tribes Neglect Speaking Their Native Language To Their Kids?

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Nigeria is the most populous, popular and powerful country in Africa and it well blessed with resources and wonderful people like you and me

We have thousands of tribe and over 500 languages in the country and the major language we all know right from basic are Hausa, Igbo and the most popular language in Africa ‘Yoruba‘.

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Our indigenous languages have become endangered and would probably go into extinction if nothing is done to save the situation.

The young people who are supposed to champion the preservation of the indigenous languages are mostly not in tune with their native dialects.

The English language has become the language in many homes to the detriment of the indigenous language. In primary school, I remember being told not to speak Yoruba or risk paying a fine or getting whipped.


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I also remember when I went to meet my aunty in Lagos I tried to watch my favorite DSTV channel ‘Africa Magic’, my aunty beg me not to, because of his Children. She does want them to learn our local language and this is very common among Lagosians.

Today, someone with an undergraduate degree in Yoruba or Igbo is considered a failure or a misfit because our society believes those who have undergraduate degrees in local languages were not smart enough to study ‘better courses’.

The rate at which Africans are abandoning their indigenous languages for foreign languages is way too much and something need to be done about it Asap.

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Now, the question is

Which Of These Tribes Neglect Speaking Their Native Language To Their Kids?

What Are Your Thoughts On Preserving Our Local Language?

Let’s hear from you all

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