“If a man cheats on you with me, you are a disgrace to womanhood” – Bobrisky

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As usual, Nigerian male cross-dresser, Bobrisky has given yet another controversial statement on social media, earning him few more points to be on the news.

The effeminate who is still enraged over unfiltered photos of him posted by a fan and after announcing that fans were banned from taking photos with him, he has gone ahead to blast the fans accusing them of photoshopping his photos to make him look ugly.

While doing this, he stated that should a man cheat on a lady with him, then that woman is a disgrace to womanhood, he wrote,

When u are too hot and they can’t stand the heat ???? anymore all they do is to try all their best to edit my pic and make me look bad. Do u think ur own man don’t know I beat all dis so called slay queens hand down ? They all know now that is y some girls should be ashamed of themselves ???? if a man can cheat on u with me then u are a disgrace to womanhood.

Cal me all the worst names on this earth ? I’m still the Baddest girl in Nigeria ??. Not only that one of the most controversial soul since 3yrs now till date. My dear is not easy to be in the game.
1) To control a full duplex on the island ?
2) to slay hair every week
3) to pay salaries for ur worker
4) to still help people who are in need
5)to fuck one of the biggest baddest daddy in town
6) to still maintain my wealth
7) to Help my family . F-CK u haters



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