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This Is How Snapchat Girl Ama Korea & Her Boyfriend Are Making People Happy With Their Nakedness

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There are some things people do that you wonder why they even do those things. Social media has become a powerful tool in the hands of people these days and lots of people are using it to their advantage for good and bad reasons.

We’ve heard several stories of girls on Snapchat and our latest discovery about this very one called Ruth Bentil aka Ama Korea has shocked most of us. The Snapchat platform has become a medium, where most young girls advertise their services these days and they are breaking the bank because there’s lots of demand for their kind of services.

Ama Korea

I had a friendly conversation with this girl, you are about to know who uses the Snapchat username @malizaasante as I wanted to understand what she does and why she even does it. I started following her not too long ago after a friend mentioned her and I must confess, I was amazed by the kind of posts she made on her Snapchat account @malizaasante.

Ruth who is known by most people as Ama Korea looks beautiful and has nice fair complexion. She sells nudity on her Snapchat for people to patronize. Anyone who has added her to their Snapchat will be bombarded with teaser videos of her dancing naked, masturbating, having sex or just going about her normal lifestyle but the real adventure happens on her Premium Snapchat account, where those who have paid a subscription fee are treated to exclusive session of her full naked self, having se.x with people. Once you are on her premium, she avails herself to you electronically. Meaning you can call her for video sessions, so you have electronic se.x ( Yeah, like you want to see things and ask her to do things in real time). Ama Korea

What’s even weird about Ama Korea is the fact that, she has a boyfriend who does the job with her. She told me that, her boyfriend understands her perfectly and supports her business model and they are in it together.

“My boyfriend is really crazy. He understands me and we were made for each other. He has his own business and live in Trassacco and is comfortable in life but he just loves trying crazy adventures just like me. It’s fun making other people happy.”-–she told me in our chat.

During our convo, she sent me a thirty-second video which shows her masturbating. I don’t have the words to describe what I saw but as a man, it made me ‘hard’ and so I had to stop watching. The whole area was just wet. I had to tell her not to send me such videos since I was alone and didn’t want to start feeling horny unnecessarily.

Ama Korea revealed to me that her boyfriend was bisexual and so there are times, she gets other clients who are gays and want someone to have fun with, her boyfriend goes in to take up the job.

“We are just a crazy couple. People don’t understand us but we don’t really care that much. My guy also f*cks gays who are lonely. I even have this strap dildo, that I even use to f*ck him as well….lol…. I know it will sound weird to us, but being weird is soo cool”-–She told me and my jaw just dropped.

It’s become a lifestyle for her and every day, she posts nudity on her Snapchat account @malizaasante and even far hotter ones on her premium account, where you can get on after adding her on @malizaasante and telling her you want to get on.

It’s unfortunate, I won’t be able to post the videos here because its explicitly nude and goes against advertising policies but below is just a 5 seconds teasers of some the things she posts on her free account–You can imagine what goes on there.

Perhaps it’s not everything that we can understand and one of them is what Ama Korea and her boyfriend does.



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