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3 Areas Satan Attacks In the Life of a Christian

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There are 3 areas that satan attacks in your life. The moment you see these areas not in line with God’s purpose for human creation, know that your life is under intense attack. Below are 3 areas satan attacks in our life:

1. Your passion for God

Satan will not make you to be drinking and smoking weed around. I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord. What brings you joy? This is a personal question and I am sure there are varieties of answers. It is a sign that my spirit is still in tune. When people are already backsliding and the spirit of rivival is eroding from their life, they loose favor and fire for the things of God and for the house of God.

2. Your prayer life

Whenever procrastination set in your prayer life, know that you are under intense attack. Using sleep as an excuse to procrastinate prayer time is very dangerous. After a few days, you will become uncomfortable and satan would never strike you again because he is not a fool. You can call satan a deceiver, an accuser, you are right but call him a fool and you are wrong. Satan have an advantage of age, please respect that for him. He is very old. He has seen Moses, Abraham, Adam and Eve and has studied mankind identity. He has studied our vulnerability. Do not be careless about this because is more dangerous than the sin of immorality. Be spiritually minded.

3. Relationship

He kills your connection with people who have the power and the grace. He removed you from your spiritual family, company of men and women who can take advantage of their secret place and cover for you while you catch up spiritually. Solitude is different from isolation, please note that. When satan wants to destroy a man, it cut off the spiritual grafting and make you alone. It usually pride that keeps us in that position. He creates a reason for you to fight with everybody who can minister to you spiritually. Be not ignorant of his strategy. Take hold of these areas.

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