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Wendy Shay Shock The Whole Ghana As She Finally Change Her Wig With Different Style

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Wendy Shay has opted for a new hairstyle, perhaps to prove to those who didn’t believe that she actually changes the wig but just decides to maintain the same hairstyle.

Some Ghanaians mocked her on Social media for wearing the same weave-on for months without changing it. Wendy Shay was spotted wearing that weave on when she made her first public appearance in April at the VGMA, then we saw her again in it when she shot her ‘Uber’ driver.

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Then at Despite’s blood donation exercise, she was seen rocking same hairstyle and it was at that point the gossips started making rounds.

Wendy Shay explained in an interview that, she changes her weave-on every two weeks and only decided to keep same style because that’s what she wanted to be her brand. When the backlashes started, she even decided to change the colour of the weaveon but kept the same style and even that, some said she had only gone to dye it.

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Well, we guess, Wendy Shay is tired of those people and has decided to go for a totally different hairstyle now and flaunted it in a post on Instagram.

Watch her looking all beautiful in the new hairstyle.



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