Epixode Blast Shatta Wale Says ~Shatta Wale A Copy Cat For Stealing His Idea For His Album & Wale Quickly Reacts

And there’s a new ‘beef’ in the country again and I, Chris Handler, the lover of ‘beefs’ will be giving you all of the gist on this new one which involves Epixode and Shatta Wale–Get your chilled coke and let’s enjoy it, because we’ve long waited for this day.

Okay, so yesterday we shared a story about Shatta Wale changing his Facebook profile to an image of 3 symbols with a crown on the middle one.  We shared our interpretation with you but in another post the dancehall artiste made, he explained what the artwork we saw meant, saying it represents his three fingers, which is the TRINITY!

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He posted:


After Shatta Wale’s new profile picture had gone viral, another dancehall artiste, Epixode has come to say that, Shatta Wale is a copy-cat and that he stole the Trinity concept from his second album–Note that Epixode released his album ‘Trinity’ this year.

In a tweet Epixode made, he accused Shatta Wale of stealing his first album concept and now he’s stolen his second album’s concept too from him.

Shatta Wale’s New Profile Picture

He tweeted earlier today; “Lol this one too u Dey copy … oo Charlie .. hahahha Thank God for the unique gift I have .. it’s amazing how these guys always have to imitate all I do .. you copy my first album art cover and now my second album idea .. .. lol I laugh enter gold coast”

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In another post of Shatta Wale, he had indicated that he believes in the Christian Doctrine, Trinity that holds that God is one God, but three coeternal consubstantial persons or hypostases—the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.

Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kesse ready to promote Kantanka Cars

So Epixode’s main problem is the fact that, Shatta Wale is perhaps using the word ‘Trinity’ to define the meaning of the symbol which he is using now as his profile picture.

Has Shatta Wale reacted to Epixode?

Yes, Shatta Wale made a Facebook post with images to sort of prove that, he had originated the idea for his ‘Trinity’ interpretation long ago with his three fingers.

His first reaction to Epixode’s rant, he wrote; “some times people dey say things weh deh funny me…#onewaystyle”

Then posted this one.

So what do you also think? Did Shatta Wale copy Epixode or Epixode is just looking for some hype? Share your thoughts with us in comments.