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She Was Been Banged By Her Ex-Boyfriend, Then 2 Other Friends Joined Them; One Blackmailed Her With The Tape & Used It To Bang Her For A Year

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The most popular girl in Ghana right now is Ayisha, the lady whose sex tape leaked on Whatsapp. In the video making rounds on Social media, the young girl who is just 19 years old and a graduate of St. Louis SHS was being bonked by two guys in the video and a third one, whom we didn’t see bonking but we are told had his fair share of the pumpum after he was done recording.

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In our second story we published on this issue she’s heard saying in an audio that, she didn’t even know she was been recorded but a new source and friend of Ghbase.com who is close to the girl, has given us an insight into what really happened.

Our trusted source told us, the video is about a year old and that, the girl had gone to her ex boyfriend’s house (the guy who was doggy banging her) and they were ‘genging and banging’ when a friend of her boyfriend came in, and her boyfriend asked him to join them.

A second friend comes in and then he also starts recording the scene and after he had his share of the pie. He kept the video and each time he felt like firing, he would call the girl and threaten her to allow him do it else he would leak the video.

He used that as a bait to ‘chop’ her falaa for a year. He was not only using the video to blackmail her for sex, but also money. Just some few days ago, he wanted to bang her again and the girl told her she was tired, and just as he had threatened, he leaked the video to the girl’s mom first.—And it was her mom who even sent it to her to ask her what happened.

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Our source says, he had been trying to get the girl to tell her the truth when he heard the story somewhere before even the video leaked but she refused to open up and only did so after the video leaked.

Another source hinted to us on our Whatsapp that, the girl is a bad girl and just loves to F**k around but we cannot confirm that since we don’t know her in person.

Now, a new video circulating on Whatsapp sees her dancing to one of Alkaline’s songs as she shows off her butt. We’ve gathered that her mother has reported the incident to the police.



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