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Stonebwoy Show his Support to Nana Appiah Mensah’s ‘confession’ that he’s part of Illuminati (screenshot)

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Zylofon Media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah has finally come out clear that he’s part of the Illuminati society.

A lot of people has since being wondering whether that could be the source of his great riches.

He posted 2 pictures, one of a fist with rings on with the initials KING and then the worldwide symbol of the Illuminati Society, a triangle with an eye on it.

Today’s Riddle; I am the sun?? that riseth and setteth up above the realms and in the hades and heaven above the horizon; I AM A KING.


The grandmaster above who seeth ALL things; good and evil, earth, fire, wind, blood and water with the all seeing eye!”?Horus” WHO I’M I? My name is “I AM”, I am GOD. #SupremeGod #AllseeingEye #SwordofJustice??#WrathofGod #ProphecyManifestation #MomentsofDestiny

The caption clearly shows that Nana Appiah Mensah was praising God. He asked a riddle and as well gave an answer as God but if the Illuminati symbol is anything to go by, then it actually looks like the Zylofon and Menzgold dealership CEO may actually be a member of the self-titled Enlightened Ones of the Free Mason Group or Illuminati.

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Well, Zylofon Media signee, Stonebwoy has reacted to NAM 1’s ‘confession’.

He commented ‘Amun-Ra’.

Checks by Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh indicates that with Osiris, AmunRa is the most widely recorded of the Egyptian gods. As the chief deity of the Egyptian Empire, Amun-Ra also came to be worshipped outside Egypt, according to the testimony of ancient Greek historiographers in Libya and Nubia. As Zeus Ammon he came to be identified with Zeus in Greece.

It appears Stonebwoy has knowledge of what NAM 1 is saying!

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