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BREAKING: These Were The 5 Men That Benedicta Gafah has Slept with in Recent Times

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You remember Bendicta Gafah’s? the Kumawood actress who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons—from husband snatching to nude photos? Yes, that actress. According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she has seen more cocks that an Adum whore and most of these cocks are those of married men.

The Businessman in Kumasi

This man actually showed us that Gafah has a heck of a vagina, oh yes, he wouldn’t leave her alone even after they broke it off. This is what Benedicta said in relation to that matter

Benedictah Gafah Sextape
Benedictah Gafah


I didn’t know he was married with two kids, and even though we had s*x several times, I quit the relationship because I can’t marry a man who is already married to someone else.

Benedictah Gafah

He has appeared on set several times and producers sometimes get angry at me. I have tried several times to make him understand that I am no more interested in the relationship but I really cannot understand why he doesn’t want to listen. We stayed together as if we were husband and wife.

I don’t know how he finds me but he keeps appearing at places I don’t expect to meet him. The other day he went as far as going to my parents to tell them he wouldn’t agree to the breakup.


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    He actually delivered Benedicta from some evil forces but according to Afia Schwarzenneger, Benedicta has been sucking on his cock. She was 6months into a pregnancy and still aborted it to be with Obinim. This is what she said about it:

    Next time when u want to discuss something. .discuss how u aborted your 6 months pregnancy just to follow prophet snakeman,do u think men waste money to marry girls like u. Tweaaaa….how do feel when u wake up in that house that was paid with poor people’s cash….have you told anyone why u are chasing someones hubby…no wonder bleaching is your new hobby..

    I wont repeat my self benedicta gaffah.next time when u want to talk about someone discuss your prostituition behaivour.i am not a nice person and your snakeman can testify to that…..your cup is full.kwasiabaa

    Ibrahim Mahama

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    Ibrahim Mahama is a game changer; when he steps in the ring, its all about spending. Rumour has it that he spent some time with Benedicta in November. Well, considering that he has kept his sex life out of the public, it is not surprising that we never reported it.

    She wants to be the center of it all at all times, but really? wasn’t this extreme? Actress, Benedicta Gafah showed up at the VGMAs almost naked and guess what, she did not care!

    Well, look closely at her photos and tell us if you see it

    rom afar, it looks like a complete dress

    Lets cover her top area. The see-through clearly shows her boobs

    It gets closer and you know there is more to see, She is looking down so look down as well and tell us what you see




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