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Ghanaians Are Angry at Nana Ama McBrown for Opening her T0NGA in New Photos

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Unless you are fishing for something, this photo Nana Ama McBrown posted should not cause any stir. Maybe, the individuals who brought that part of the photo up were actually fishing, well, they caught a fish.

Check out the photo actress Nana Ama McBrown posted on Instagram yesterday.

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For most people, she decided to show more than she is supposed to, for a married person. This is not the first time her fans have been at her throat for photos she has posted on social media.

The Tattoo on her waist

So Nana Ama decided that her love for Maxwell was so deep that she had to get a tattoo of his name on her waist. They had no problems with the tattoo but showing it off was the real problem.


For your Husband’s eyes ONLY

Do you think they were right? Does it look like something for hubby’s eyes only? Well, Nana Ama posted this photo on Instagram and her fans did not take it likely at all. For most people, those boobs are for her husband’s eyes ONLY and there is absolutely no need to be showing them to the public. She did not take it down though

Make up

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Is the make-up that much? She looks great but her fans gave her a heck of time for having too much on her face

Her Mansion

Right in the comfort of her home, Nana Ama shared a photo but her fans felt she was exposing too much. Was she?Exclusive PHOTOS of the Most Expensive Cars in Ama McBrown's Garage

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