Sɛx Scandal At Flagstaff House: Mahama Has Baby With John Jinapor’s Wife!! (Watch Video)

The Deputy Minister of Power, John Jinapor, has accused president Mahama of being responsible for the pregnancy of his wife, Mrs. Jinapor, who recently had a baby in the USA.

This has created a huge tension between the young politician and his boss, John Mahama, to the extent that, Mr. Jinapor, is said to have demanded a paternity test to inform his next line of action.

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A confidant in the Flagstaff House who disclosed this scandal allege that he has personally mediated between Mahama and Mr. Jinapor over this brewing sex scandal. The confidant, who is also an advisor to the President, in one of many heated exchanges between Jinapor and Mahama at the Flagstaff House, the latter is said to have threatened to go public over the scandal at the peril of his own budding political career in the NDC political fraternity but was prevailed upon by party elders to keep calm and accept a compensation package running into millions of US dollars offered by the president who has admitted to having an affair with the beautiful wife of his protégé but insist he was not the father of the child.

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jm liesA father to numerous children from multiple women, President Mahama, is said to have secured the communication services of Mr. Momodu’s media group to prepare the grounds for a huge damage control exercise if Mr Jinapor decided on going public.

Meanwhile mother and kid are said to be doing well were recently spoted at a shopping plaza in Germantown Maryland in the United States.

According to sources at the Flagstaff House, Mrs. Jinapor has opted to stay temporary outside the country with her new baby on the advice of her family attorney , as she grapples with the uncertainty ahead.

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For many years, Mr. Jinapor has been a very close aide to President Mahama, defending his policies on air and at political rallies.

It therefore came as no surprise to political observers when President Mahama rewarded Mr. Jinapor with a Ministerial appointment at the newly created Power Ministry, which is tasked to solve the chronic power crisis bedevilling the nation.

According to our sources, Mr. Jinapor has boycotted Mahama’s struggling Presidential re-election campaign, describing his boss as a heartless predator who preys on the vulnerable.

A lady who responded to our calls to the Flagstaff House Communications Office declined to comment on this scandal. When pressed further, she opened and whispered that this sex scandal is an open secret at the Flagstaff House, but the issue has been classified as “Non-disclosure “. She said no staffer is allowed to even open a discussion about this infidelity on the part of Mahama, adding that Mahama’s rumored affairs with a number of his appointees’ wives is a cause of constant worry. You don’t know whose wife will be next, she said.

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After speaking with us for about 45 seconds, another phone rang in the background after which she hang up on us. whatsapp-image-2016-10-31-at-18-42-23

Sources at the Flagstaff House say the morale of the presidential staff is at its lowest ebb in the wake of these allegations. Regardless of the outcome of the paternity test as demanded by Mr. Jinapor, our confidant expressed worry about the behavior of John Mahama whenever he finds himself among women.

He questioned his clients judgements and moral character, warning that Mahama’s bad judgments and assaults on women may render him ineffective in his leadership role as the President of the nation.

Meanwhile the family of Mrs. Jinapor have advised their daughter through their attorneys to decline any media queries about this case in order not to jeopardize any future legal course of action

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