2 Men Show Up To Claim Baby After Woman Gives Birth At U.S. Hospital – Video

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There was commotion in a U.S. hospital after two men who each believed were responsible for a woman’s pregnancy showed up for the birth of the baby.

In a video going viral online which has been sighted by, the expectant mother was captured lying in bed, preparing for delivery while the two potential fathers sat in a corner.

However, the hospital staff soon opens the door for a security man who asked that one of the men leaves because according to the hospital rule only the expectant mother and one person is allowed to be in the room with hospital staff during delivery.

Both men refused to leave and said they wanted to stay to see whose child it was.

“Look, this is the thing, sir, we don’t know if I’m the father or he’s the father so we both cannot go… We aren’t bothering nobody,” heard one of the men say.

From the video, it appeared that the woman also didn’t want both men to leave and kept telling the hospital staff that: “What’s the problem, I don’t have a problem [with their being here]”.


She kept talking and refused to listen even though the staff told her it was the rule of the hospital not to allow to men in the delivery ward.

As tension heightened, one of the men told hospital staff: “Let’s calm down so we can see who the baby looks like.”

Well, the hospital wasn’t having it as a woman suspected to be the mid-wife to take care of the delivery, packed her things and left the woman and both potential fathers in the delivery room alone.



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