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18+ ONLY: JHS Students Leak Atopa Video As Their BECE Party Goes Viral

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Some Junior High School (JHS) students who finished their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) some few days ago in 2020 have been spotted chilling as they celebrate after their final paper.

An unidentified group of Junior High School students from Ghana have been trending after a video of them having fun like there’s no tomorrow was has been fast trending on social media and The BBC Ghana has intercepted the footage.

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The group which consisted of four boys and three girls were seen grinding themselves in a coded location as part of their celebration as JHS graduands.

The video has amassed negative comments so far as many think they are too young to indulge in such acts.

Others also revealed that it isn’t their fault but that of movies and adults contents they see on social media which they turn to practice the same in their own conveniences.


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