Ibrah,bThe Young Billionaire Buys Another 200Billion Dollas Luxury Car & It’s A Sweet Audi R8 2017 Model ( Photos)

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The young billionaire, Ibrah One is back in the news again. It seems the whole drama about him has finally ended and has made peace with his ‘enemies’ so they are cool now. Ibrah certainly loves to flaunt his wealth on Social media and this time around has bought for himself a brand new Audi R8.

Yes, Ibrah One has bought himself the 2017 Audi R8 V10 and the color is GREEN— Perhaps he chose that color as it represents wealth and he wants people to know that he’s a wealthy man.

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Ibrah who is in his early 30s is known to own a couple of luxuries cars and this new one adds to his numerous collections of expensive cars.

It must be noted that this is not the first time, he’s buying an Audi R8–He had one but we are sure that was the 2015 model but this new one certainly is a beast.

His old Audi R8

An insider told us that, the car cost him more than $150,000 and it was shipped into the country just this week, so he could cruise in it for the Eid-Fitr celebrations.

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We were also wondering, why he has an old number plate on and our source told us, because it’s a new car, he’s not registered it yet so intentionally used an old plate in the interim, while he gets the car registered to get the 2018 number plate.

If this car is given to me for a week,  oh the good lord knows the number of girls, I would bonk—-Yeah, I know, that’s why I don’t own it.

See the photos below:

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