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16-Year-Old Girl Marries 46-Year-Old Man – What Happens Next Is Heartbreaking (Photos)

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A teen bride and her middle-aged husband were forced to flee town after he was branded a paedophile for marrying her.

According to a report by Daily Star UK, Beth Telford, who was 16 when she met Andy, 46, says they faced regular abuse from neighbours and prejudice from family and friends.

They were forced to take action when vandals sprayed “pedo” – mis-spelling paedophile – on the side of removal man Andy’s van.

The couple, who have two young sons, left their hometown of Llandudno, north Wales, and relocated to a town in Lancashire 170 miles away.

Beth, now 19, said: “I’ve lost lots of friends because of my relationship with Andy. They thought it was creepy and it caused a lot of arguments between us.

“My mum doesn’t approve of our relationship and Andy’s brother refuses to speak to him because he doesn’t agree with it and thinks I’m too young.”

Beth added: “The final straw was when someone spray-painted ‘pedo’ all over Andy’s removal work van. Andy is the love of my life, and an age difference doesn’t change that.”

Beth met Andy when he was helping her mum Claire move home in 2015.

She asked him out within a fortnight and the pair married a year later.

Beth admitted her new neighbours often think Andy is the grandad of their sons Timmy, two, and Conwy, nine months, but the abuse has stopped.

She added: “I love being with someone mature, because he treats me like a princess.

“He opens doors for me and runs me baths with candles.

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“We have a date night every Saturday and go for meals and he is so loving and caring.

“We still get stared at in the street, but we haven’t had abuse like we did in Llandudno.”



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