20 Deadly Facts About Ebony’s Tragic Accident That No One Told You About

The untimely demise of Ghana’s sensational musician, Ebony is still being dissected in every part of the country and beyond.

Some of the reports concerning her death has been highly exaggerated so we thought it wise to share with you the true facts in relation to her death.

Don’t rely on hearsay- check out these facts about the whole episode and be well-informed.

1. Ebony’s mother’s birthday is on 14 of February.

2. Ebony’s birthday is on 16th of February.

3. Ebony was to hold a party for her mother in Accra on her birthday.

4. Her elder sister Foriwaa Opoku Kwarteng had a dream that shows that her sister would die prior to her demise.

5. Ebony’s mother had returned from the UK and requested that her daughter paid her a visit.

6. Ebony was to embark on her first tour to Europe on February 10.

7. The bodyguard she traveled with was an air force  lance corporal who lied he was on sick leave to travel with the singer.

8. Ebony Reigns is the last born of her mother. Beatrice Oppong Martin.

9. Franky Kiru, Ebony’s friend had returned from the states not long ago.

10. Pastor Laurence Tetteh says he led Ebony to Christ days before her death.

11. Ebony had always taken a flight to Sunyani except for that day.


12. Ebony left home very late on the night she traveled, she just took two set of outfits, according to her house help who spoke on Joy FM.

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13. The fatal accident has been linked to a heap of sand stationed just where Ebony’s jeep crashed.

14. Mother of Ebony wants her daughter’s body separated at the morgue, she believes her daughter will resurrect.

15. Parliament held a minute silence in honor of the young musician.

16. The government including, Ghana’s ex-president, Dramani Mahama have paid their tribute to the singer.

17. The ministry of tourism and creative arts has promised to give her a befitting burial.

Tourism Minister

18. Her bodyguard was her bosom friend who has been writing songs for her.

19. Franky Kiru, the lady who died with the musician was alleged to be her lesbian partner.

20. Ebony was to be signed by Zylofon Media before she passed on.