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Meet the ‘well built’ military man who slays in his uniform and and causing fear and panic on social media

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He has been used in several internets ‘memes’…And below is one of them;

This military personnel has been causing a stir in the social media space with his unique way of fashion in his military uniform and most importantly his physique.

His name we found, Kwaku Raymond

Raymond Kwaku

Ordinarily, military men are known to ‘shy’ away from the public as it is their duty to protect people, properties, maintaining peace, and ensuring people observe the right codes of conduct in the country.

With Raymond, it seems to be an entirely different thing altogether. He is at par in the ‘slaying’ business as compared to what we see the male celebrities do on Instagram.

Raymond is a slay king in the military field and he likes to show it off.

And we have a few more pictures of him in his on and off military uniform—As and when he does it below;

Raymond Kwaku | Credit: Instagram

And he meets the stars too

Raymond Kwaku(Left) with Dabcehall artiste Shatta Wale (Right)

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‘Akoa y3 guy guy ???’

Ray with Stephen ‘Tornado’ Appiah

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Raymond Kwaku with Kumawood actor Akrobeto

Military man Kwaku Raymond with Akrobeto

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He caught up with Kwaku Manu too

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And with Agya Koo here;



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