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13 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Female Celebrities Marriage Dont last, No6 is the reason why So many Of Them Are Divorced

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We all know that men sometimes can be very overbearing and sometimes responsible for some actions their wives take but nevertheless, women must understand that marriage is a great,decent and sacred institution that must be treated with utmost respect and guided with all sense of decency. To be frank,there are some silly things some married ladies do that do not show any form of respect to them,their men and their marriage. These are things that need to be avoided by the lady irrespective of whatever excuse they may have. I have had many friends who have been married and some are divorced and after discussing with them,i have come to realize that some of these women were in fact the architect of their failed marriages and i will try to elucidate on some of the awkward things ladies do that break up their marriages.

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1. Poor communication: 

In every relationship we find ourselves,communication is vital. No one is a mind reader and no matter what it may be that could be a reason for your unhappiness,speak out immediately in a stern manner and not lackadaisically. Many women are found of calling their hubby’s relatives to complain about certain issues meanwhile the hubby at home does not have an idea of how hurting they are concerning that issue.

3. Being careless with male friends.

I have always maintained that there is nothing like just friends between a married woman and another man. If he is not your childhood friend,co-worker,co-student,business partner then you have no business with him. Many married ladies have a careless habit of keeping male friends indiscriminately and worst still get so careless allowing these guys call them by their maiden names. I will never call a married lady by her maiden name because just as the name suggests,its her unmarried name but will rather put Mrs,sis,madam. When a married lady is called by her maiden name,it diminishes as well as tarnishes her respect,image and matrimony giving room for a potential unethical relationship between her and the “just male friends”.
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4. Seeking vengeance.

Many married lady tend to take some actions in order to prove to their hubby that a sauce for the goose is also ok for the gander but unfortunately this will destroy your marriage more. When you take a revenge on your hubby by sleeping with another man because he cheats on you,of what use will that be to you? What value will that add to your life? Learn to maintain your dignity no matter what because at the end,the shame will all come back to you and as I always reiterate. ..nobody can make you do what you are not capable of doing.

5. Talking down on your hubby.

This is one foolish mistake many ladies do. You and your hubby are one and talking down on him means talking down on yourself. It is one thing to voice out what he did and another to use outright abusive words on him. In situations where a couple separates,some ladies will not mind talking down on their hubby with a friend,their family and even with male suitors and i keep wondering if the woman thinks this will earn her any form of respect. If you call your hubby a sick man then what does that make you? Or you call your hubby an asshole then it takes an asshole to tango with such a man. No matter how angry you may be,don’t ever rule out reconciliation and even if you are never going to reconcile,respect your matrimony with him even if he deserves no respect fromyou

6. Moving out of their matrimonial home hastily over an avoidable reason.

What excuse do you have for running out of your marriage? He cheated on you,he does not give you attention,he took you for granted,he curses you and many more are the excuses married ladies hold on to and i keep asking this one question; Will leaving solve the problem? Even a divorce is not a way out because its a 50/50 chance that the next man won’t be worse so i advice that you confront that problem and try your best to solve it.

7. Believing there is always a better man out there.

This is one foolish thing married ladies believe. That they will get a better replacement.There are m re than enough never married ladies out there for the unmarried guys so you will do yourself a great honor by sticking to your husband. There is really no better man out there and except you are faced with an unrepentant violent man,please remain in your marriage because you will soon realize that its the same cycle we all go through in any union we find ourselves and there will always be one reason to leave any man you are married to. Many women divorcees realize this too late as they end up as a toy in the hands of randy men,as second wife,or end up single for a long time as many men will believe they are doing them a big favour by wanting to be with them. If you must throw in the towel on your marriage,make sure you have exhausted all means of reconciliation because i keep saying that it is better to be single at 40 than to be a divorcee at 20 and a 40 year old single lady is more maritally appealing than a 20year old divorcee,funny but true so think very well before you run out of your marriage.

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8. Sharing their marital issues with single female friends..

Seriously! it may surprise you to know that most of your friends who are still single are not happy that you are married so take your marital problem to them at your own risk

9. Not looking s.ex.y enough.

If our sultry actress Omotola jalade is looking this se.xy after four children then tell me why you can’t look sexy too. Laziness is one big problem with most married ladies.Men get carried away by what they see so do yourself a favour, get that big tummy down and get into crazy bum shorts and flaunt that thing. We know you cant maintain that se,xy look we saw the very first time we met you but at least try your best to look se,xy for the next 30years for us after marriage.

10. Never sorry.

Many women are so proud,egocentric and stubborn to the extent that when they do or say things that are conspicuously wrong,they will never or hardly apologize but rather would want to buttress the rationale behind their actions and most men see this as an appalling nature. Be quick to apologize even when you are are naturally egocentric hence the need to bring down your ego to avoid the case of two men married to each other.

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11. Getting insecure and monitoring her husband

I have always advised married women to let their men be. Believe whatever he says even when it is clear that he is lying. The moment you start getting overly jealous,suspicious is the moment you begin to lose your self worth. Don’t bother whether he is faithful or not but sternly tell him to play safe if he must be unfaithful and warn him to do it far from you cos what the eyes do not see do not hurt. Yes this sounds crazy but trust me,it works like magic because the husband will likely be on his toes and respect you the more. Remember that a man will always be a man and you can never monitor him.

12.Not good enough in the kitchen and the other room:

If you are a married lady reading this please don’t ever joke with these two places because any woman who knows how to use these two places will most likely have her husband where she wants him cos the way to a man’s heart is forever through his stomach and down there.

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13.Taking the job of a full housewife.

As you can clearly deduce,being a full housewife is a big job because those who babysit get paid so I quite understand how demanding this can be but nevertheless,don’t settle for that,no matter how demanding the task of keeping the home front can be, still do something to be financially independent. Your husband may tell you he does not want you to work promising to provide all your needs but we both know he really can’t do that without asking funny questions from you when you demand for money so it is important to have something doing so that the financial pressure will be less on your husband and you can also be self reliant.Being financially independent can also come in handy if your hubby faces any financial crises so take this advise seriously because financial pressure is a great destroyer of marriage.

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