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13 Beautiful Snakes That Many Will Love To Have A Look At – Pictures

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Many people are afraid of snakes before of how they are, or because their bite can lead to death. As a results of how harmful they can be, many kill them when they found one, and many don’t want to keep them in their house. Although, some people keep them as their pet in their house, but are afraid of them and doesn’t even want to come across one.

In spit of how harmful they are or they can be, some snakes looks beautiful. Some of them have different colours which looks beautiful.

Also, not all snakes can be harmful, even though there are some types of snakes that are harmful and their bite can cause death, but not all of them are really harmful.

But my advice is that, be careful of snakes because no matter how beautiful some may look, they can be harmful to a person and their bite can lead to death. Be careful keeping them around you, because there some types of snakes that their bite can causes your to die.

Below are photos some 13 beautiful snakes.

1. Emerald Green Pit Viper

2. Blue Malaysian Coral Snake

3. Brazilian Rainbow Boa

4. Northern Scarlet Snake

5. Topaz Tanami Woma Python

6. Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

7. High Yellow Tree Python

8. Red Milk Snakes

9. Eastern Corn Snake





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