Top 7 Beautiful Celebrities Patapaa Is Ready To ‘Chop’; Number 3 Is A Shocker

Ghanaian hip-life artiste, Patapaa Amisty who is currently enjoying massive media attention throughout the country has listed seven (7) super hot celebrities he is ever ready to bonk at the least opportunity.

According to the ‘one corner’ hit-maker, he has developed special feelings for these celebrities and they have become irresistible.

He was quick to add that, some of the ladies he is crushing on with are married and others to are in serious relationships.

Below are the names and photos of Patapaa’s female crushes.


  1. Nana Ama Mcbrown;

In an exclusive interview with, Patapaa, born, Justice Amoah said, he loves and has been

crushing on Nana Ama Mcbrown. According to him, he would like to start a relationship with the beautiful actress if not that she is married. Patapaa is on the lookout for an opportunity to be close to Nana Ama Mcbrown.


  1. Deloris Frimpong Manso a.ka Delay.

In the latest news, Patapaa has told the host of the Delay show, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, that she is his kind of girl. The reason being that his ‘tiny’ body makes it necessary that he gets a ladylike Delay, who is very well endowed to compliment him. Patapaa boldly told Delay that, he wants to ‘chop’ her.

  1. Goodness Amodu Ayomide a.k.a Guudy;

She is a Nigerian fast rising Afro-pop musician who is ready to give herself to Patapaa freely on a silver platter. Singer Guudy has revealed how she is seriously crushing on Patapaa and will propose sex to him when they meet.

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According to her, she has conducted extensive research on the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker and is waiting for the day they will meet.

“I really like Patapaa and I have totally fallen in love with him. Patapaa is a very smart artiste who rides on controversies confronting him to elevate his music career to the next level”, she said.


  1. Berla Mundi;

In a Twitter post, Patapaa has revealed that top-notch radio and tv personality, Bella Mundi, was a crush until Yvonne Nelson out of nowhere came into the scene. If Berla Mundi was indeed on the list of celebrities Patapaa wants to rock, then he has good eyes and taste.


  1. Actress Xandy Kamel;

Voluptuous actress, Xandy Kamel is the latest to express her love for “One Corner” hitmaker Patapaa and says she wishes to wish to have s£x with him.

In an interview with Kofi TV, the voluptuous actress said before they will have the s£x, she will let him brush his teeth and bath very well before they do the ‘thing’.

She also disclosed that Patapaa will be very powerful in bed as compared to Kuame Eugine looking at his face and his waist.


  1. Moesha Boduong;

‘One Corner’ artiste has secretly confided in one of his old time friends how he is longing to have an intimate closeness with actress Moesha Bodoung. According to him, he likes heavily endowed and curvy ladies and Moesha have all that. Patapaa said he won’t hesitate to have his share of Miss Bodoung’s booty.


  1. Efia Odo;
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Patapaa is ready to have a taste of sexy actress Efia Odo. Patapaa who has been eyeing Efia Odo for a long time says he can’t control himself when he gets hold of her.