6 things to happen at Major Mahama’s one-year memorial

– One year memorial is to be held in memory of the late Major Mahama

– The late soldier was killed in the line of duty by a mob

– The memorial is expected to see family and friends come together to lay a wreath in honour of him

It has been exactly a year since the killing of Major Mahama who was killed by an angry mob after being mistaken for a thief at Denkyira Obuasi.

The death of the soldier sparked a national outrage with Ghanaians calling for the perpetrators of the crime to be dealt with by the law.

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In fact, his death and burial became a national memorial with heads of state government officials plus other personalities come together to bid the gallant soldier a final goodbye.

6 things to happen at Major Mahama's one-year memorialA cross-section of the military, family and friends at the memorial

Wife of Major Mahama, Babara Mahama became a strong force and voice against mob justice as she pressed hard for some action to be taken for the dignity of her deceased husband. It has been a year since his death and burial and the one-year memorial service will see the following arrangements and activity take place:

1. There will be a church service at St Catherine Catholic Church at Burma camp.

2. After this event, the friends and family will proceed to the cemetery for a wreath-laying event.

3. There will be a sod cutting event for the construction of a majestic monument for the late soldier.

4. Family gathering at Arakan officers mess.

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5. Memorial church service (Non-denominational) at St Catherine Catholic Church in Burma camp.

6. Finally, there will be a funeral reception at Arakan officers mess.

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So far, the court case against alleged killers of Major Mahama is still ongoing as the defence lawyer in the trial of persons charged over the lynching of Major Maxwell Mahama alleges that the team of military officers led by the late soldier was deployed to the area to protect the interest of illegal miners.